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No Comments Let’s Talk Tofu & Tempeh Last night’s class at the Natural Gourmet Institute was a tofu & tempeh practicum. That means my classmates and I cooked about 10 tofu & tempeh recipes, some produced 2 ways (for example – tofu burgers – baking some patties... Read MoreFriday, 21 November 2014 - Posted by
No Comments Perfectly Pan Fried, Golden Tofu ¬†Pan frying tofu can produce some disappointing results if you don’t use the right tools. This is the method I use to get a perfect, golden skin.                 Ingredients: 1 teaspoon¬†chili powder 1... Read MoreSaturday, 15 February 2014 - Posted by
Comment (1) German Style Tofu & Potatoes Fall is in the air, and I am so ready to start using my oven again. There is absolutely nothing like pulling a hearty meal out of a hot oven. I came up with this recipe while making a mustardy... Read MoreMonday, 23 September 2013 - Posted by
No Comments Japanese Inspired Tofu Tacos               Last night I was struck with some sort of divine inspiration! I had a super long day and was not interested in spending a lot of time making dinner when I got home.... Read MoreThursday, 05 September 2013 - Posted by
Comment (1) Easy Japanese-y Tofu Marinade                 I like to keep tofu around as a quick, convenient and versatile protein source. My favorite thing about tofu is that it can take on any flavor and various textures, depending on... Read MoreMonday, 02 September 2013 - Posted by
No Comments 5 Minute Watermelon and Tofu Salad Can I really call this a recipe? It’s more of an assembly of some relatively healthy convenience items. It sprung out of despiration one night. I got home late from work, and was about to order takeout. I decided to... Read MoreThursday, 25 October 2012 - Posted by
Comment (1) Lasagna Flavored Baked Tofu Lasagna flavored baked tofu This is not a lasagna recipe, but the texture and flavor is reminiscent of it. Yum! 1 block firm or extra firm tofu approximately 15oz (My absolute favorite is The Bridge firm tofu http://www.bridgetofu.com/tofuMain.html) 1/3 cup... Read MoreMonday, 18 July 2011 - Posted by