About Dairy Baby

What is Dairy Baby?

Dairy Baby is your resource and guide to dairy-free living. Dairy-free made simple. It’s meant to be informative and fun.

Dairy Baby was conceived (pun not intended) when a good friend decided to try out a dairy-free lifestyle. He was struggling, so I emailed him a list of substitutions, tips, product & book recommendations that I’d collected over the years. He found it really helpful, and pushed me to make a website to share my knowledge and experience with the world.

Why the name Dairy Baby?

Similar to a “food baby,” Dairy Baby refers to the filled-with-child look my body takes on when I accidentally consume dairy products.. Often a restaurant slip-up. My stomach swells to a visible degree within an hour or less.

Dairy Baby is not a strictly vegan site, although, often times substitutions, recipes, product and book recommendations are vegan or related to veganism. The aim of the site is not to convince the world to give up dairy, just to support those who have already made that decision. Every body is different. Although most of us don’t, some people do well with it. No hate, only love to all my readers—dairy free or not.