Raw Cleanse – Process & Results

We did it! Boyfriend & I survived 3 days raw. Neither of us cheated, and no one was harmed in the process. 🙂 It wasn’t very long, but we’re both new to this!

If you’re curious, here’s how it all went down.. What I ate (his lunches were slightly different & snacks were increased), and how I felt each day during, and the first day returning to cooked food. Plus read about my results.

Day 1

Breakfast – fruit with cashew butter & a few pecans
Lunch – giant salad with assorted veggies, avocado, sunflower seeds & tahini lime dressing
Dinner – mushroom, cashew & carrot lettuce wraps with a side of cucumber tomato salad
Snacks – chia seed pudding, flax crackers with nut butter & sun dried tomatoes, almonds, apple juice

I felt pretty hungry on the first day & ate a lot of snacks. I tracked my food intake on myfitnesspal.com. Looking back on it now, I see my calorie intake was divided evenly – almost the exact number of calories each for breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacks. Coffee withdrawal hit me hard. l felt really tired and foggy most of the day. My energy level dropped dramatically several times on day 1.




















Day 2

Breakfast – banana
Lunch – giant salad with mixed lettuce, spinach, tomato, cucumber, seeds & an entire avocado topped with tahini lime dressing
Dinner – cucumber slices with mushroom pepita spread & raw slaw
Snacks – banana, raw trail mix

My energy level was more stable on day 2. I didn’t feel as hungry as day 1… The whole avocado at lunch probably helped. I still felt a little foggy & tired, but better than the first day. Calories distributed most heavily on lunch and dinner; lighter on breakfast and snacks.











Day 3

Breakfast – banana
Lunch – flax crackers with nut butter & sun dried tomatoes; raw slaw
Dinner – zucchini pasta with creamy garlicky tomato sauce, mushrooms, peppers & lemony green beans
Snacks – raw trail mix, pecans

I felt great on day 3! Energy was stable & I was alert. Calories distributed most heavily on lunch and dinner; lighter on breakfast and snacks. My skin was glowing. I wish I was able to continue for the rest of the week.



















Making tasty raw food was a fun challenge. Balancing it nutritionally was a little tough. Funny enough (to me.. and probably only me), without planning it, I ate almost the exact same amount of calories each day. The breakdown of calories from each macronutrient was similar.. also unplanned: 10-12% from protein, 39-44% from carbohydrates and 46-49% from fat each day. I would like to have had the protein number a bit higher, and fat lower, but I found my significant protein sources were nuts and seeds. Next time I will try soaking and sprouting beans.

The day after the cleanse, I ate pumpkin flax granola for breakfast. I had eaten it every day the week before starting the cleanse without noticing a thing. It tasted fine, but left me feeling a little ill… Interesting. Leaving for work, I thought the first thing I’d want was coffee, but it wasn’t. In fact, I wasn’t craving anything at all. When lunch time came around, all I wanted to eat was salad.

I had class that night, and we worked on sweet egg recipes like meringues, souffles & custards. All involved a lot of sugar (at the Natural Gourmet, that means maple crystals). Because there were dairy products in most of the recipes, I could only taste a few things we made. Still, those few bites contained a significant amount of sugar. I quickly got a headache & became irritable. By the time I got home, I was congested and felt awful. Having eaten really cleanly for a few days, I was really able to see which foods had a negative effect on my body. It was very eye opening.

Overall, I’m down 2 pounds from the cleanse. More significant, though, is how I look. I’m shocked to see how much flatter my stomach looks, and thinner my legs look. Pants that were snug are now loose. This isn’t from weight loss, because it wasn’t a significant amount. My assumption is this is from toxins clearing my body, and reduced inflammation. Over the 3 days I didn’t have any stomach pain or mysterious bloating. Aside from fogginess & tiredness on the first 2 days, I felt good. My stomach felt great.

It has now been 3 days since going back to cooked food. I find I’m eating a lot less than I did before the cleanse. I’m also incorporating a lot more raw food into my diet, because it makes me feel good when I eat it. I’m still not craving any particular food. I’m really happy with how this went. I learned some new things, and was pleasantly surprised with the results.

Interested in the recipes? I’ll be posting my favorites in the coming weeks. Check back soon!

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