3 Days Raw

For months, my boyfriend and I had been considering doing a cleanse. I didn’t think either of us would do very well on a juice cleanse, so raw food seemed like a nice start. Like most people, we felt we needed it after the holidays. Our goals are to cleanse ourselves of the rich food we’ve been eating, and to kick start a return to healthy eating this year. Any other benefits are a bonus!

Because I am in culinary school, and need to taste what I cook on those days, we were limited to 3 days. I decided to plan the menu and do all of the preparation myself. I was excited for the challenge of coming up with new recipes! Even though I know a lot about food and nutrition, I’m a beginner with cleanses. I am figuring a lot of this out as I go along, which is exciting and exhausting. If you are interested in my process, information about how I started is below.

Our guidelines:
• All raw food
• No animal proteins
• No alcohol
• No coffee (allowing ourselves green tea & Yerba mate)
• No refined sugars (allowing limited raw honey & maple syrup)

Since I didn’t plan the menu ahead of time (not recommended) I stocked my kitchen with a huge amount and variety of produce, nuts & seeds, focusing on the flavors, textures & nutrients. I bought some dried fruits, but it’s questionable whether or not they are technically raw. Other key items – raw nut butter (I went for cashew for its relatively neutral taste), raw tahini, sun dried tomatoes, unrefined organic coconut oil, organic extra virgin olive oil, raw honey & high quality maple syrup. The equipment I’m finding most helpful – chef’s knife, cutting board, paring knife, peeler, blender, food processor, immersion blender & mandolin. The immersion blender & mandolin are more for convenience, but the other items are essential.

I will be posting progress over the next few days, and recipes of our favorite meals starting next week. I’d love to hear about your experience with cleanses! Comment below.

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so many nuts & seeds

so many nuts & seeds (You like my fancy jars?)

a peek into my crowded refrigerator

a peek into my crowded refrigerator









and the crisper drawer

and the crisper drawer

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