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Yesterday was the worst for many reasons: 12 hours at the office, cooking disaster which sabotaged my intended recipe post, and the icing on the cake.. Terrible news about PSL.

After a rather long and stressful day, boyfriend decided to pick me up from work to make my life a touch easier. Little did we know, this would actually lead to much sadness. On the way home, he wanted to stop at Starbucks for a pumpkin spice latte. To save time looking for parking, I jumped out of the car to get it. I ordered a grande pumpkin spice soy latte (so I could have a sip) and the barista informed me that there is dairy in the beverage, even when prepared with soy milk and without whipped cream. Surely he was mistaken… Right??  I’ve ordered  pumpkin spice soy lattes before – at least a few times a year for many years – and not a single barista has ever shared this information. It couldn’t be true.

Unfortunately it is true. Google has confirmed. There’s condensed milk in the flavoring. Why, Starbucks, why?! It seems like such an unnecessary ingredient to include in a component of a latte. Isn’t the milk (or soy milk) required to make the latte enough?

I’m pretty upset that that information isn’t posted in the cafés, and most baristas aren’t sharing. A lot of people are unknowingly consuming dairy. Apparently, most baristas don’t even know that there is dairy in the mix. This is another reminder for me to ALWAYS ask to see an ingredient list. The ingredients cannot be found on the Starbucks website, however, according to, the ingredients are sugar, condensed nonfat milk, sweet condensed nonfat milk, anotta (a colorant), natural and artificial flavors, and caramel coloring. Some vegans are petitioning to have condensed milk removed from the beloved PSL.

Hopefully Starbucks will reformulate. For now, I sadly bid the pumpkin spice latte farewell.

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