Vegan Calcium Sources

We all know calcium is important. In addition to firming up our bones, calcium plays important roles in nerve, muscle and heart function, as well as blood clotting. 

Non-vegans, like myself, have more options for dairy free calcium sources. In honor of Vegan MoFo I thought I’d pull together a list of vegan calcium sources for all of my new readers and friends.

Combine these calcium rich foods with fortified products as needed, and you’ll be good to go!

Chia – 179mg per oz*
Blackstrap molasses – 172mg per Tbsp**
Tofu – 434mg per 0.5 cup*
Amaranth – 307mg per cup*
Kale – 101mg per cup, chopped*
Collard greens – 84 mg per cup chopped*
Almonds – 243mg per cup*
Sesame seeds – 88mg per tbsp*
Navy beans (boiled) – 126mg per cup*
Chick peas (boiled) – 80mg per cup*
Black beans (boiled) – 46mg per cup**
Soy beans (boiled) – 175mg per cup*
Figs – 18mg per medium sized fig (50g)*
Okra – 82mg per cup*
Bok choy / pok choy – 74 mg per cup shredded*



*sources including the USDA
**sourced fromĀ

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