Cookie Chronicles – This Chick Bakes

Once in a while, I’ve got to do it. I have to give in every so often and indulge in a cookie..

Recently, I discovered cookies by This Chick Bakes. They make a selection of handmade, small batch, gourmet cookies in vegan, gluten free as well as conventional varieties. As far as cookies go, these are a pretty great option. Yes, they have sugar, but it’s real sugar. These baked goods are made with no High fructose corn syrup (HFCS), trans-fats, artificial flavors or preservatives. The ingredients are natural which comes through in the taste.

So far I have tried three of the vegan flavors – ginger molasses, oatmeal raisin chocolate chunk and peanut butter chocolate chunk. They’ve gotten the textures and flavors down! Although the oatmeal raisin chocolate chunk was surprisingly a little too sweet for me, I was still happy with each type I tried. Peanut butter chocolate chunk has been the best so far!

This Chick Bakes delivers, and offers both pre-made and custom gift boxes. Their vegan gift box includes two peanut butter chocolate chunk, two oatmeal chocolate chunk, two chocolate chocolate chunk, two ginger, and two ginger pumpkin loaves. I fully intend to buy one this holiday season!

So what’s your favorite vegan cookie?


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