What’s Hiding in your Bread?

While making breakfast with a friend a few weekends ago & scrutinizing the ingredient list on the whole wheat bread bag, I realized I had a great tip to share with my readers — Commercially produced whole wheat bread very often contains whey or milk powder. What’s in your bread??

Now I’m not much of a bread eater in general. I try to avoid refined carbs as much as possible. Sometimes I will indulge, though, and I’ve noticed a few things.

Remember, there are lots of key words that indicate dairy content (check out “What is dairy” in the About section). You want to be sure to check the label and avoid anything with one or more of those key words. Obviously this is all brand / bakery specific, but I’ve found that commercially produced (think anything with a common brand name that comes from a supermarket) whole wheat bread, English muffins and  potato bread  almost always contain some form of dairy. Brioche  and croissants are traditionally made with butter and corn bread with butter and/or buttermilk. Safer bets include bagels, rye bread & tortillas, but always check the label to be safe.

Bread technically only needs 4 ingredients – flour, water, salt & yeast. Some breads are made with milk or butter to achieve a particular texture or consistency. It’s not a necessary addition, and it seems the more processed the bread, the more ingredients it contains, the more likely it is that one of them is dairy.

If you’re going to eat bread, my advice is to stick with the bakery. Talk to the person that made your bread to find out about its contents. Bakery bread typically has fewer ingredients than commercially produced bread. Besides likely being dairy free, it’s usually preservative free as well. Double win!


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